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 Assembled Strip Doors 

Assembled Strip Doors

  • No hassle installation
  • Comes ready to hang 
  • keep bugs out
  • Controls AC one room to next 
  • Perfect for pets
  • 2-3 day lead time
  • Expert help

Why buy a fully assembled strip door?
Assembling strip doors can, at times, be a bit of a struggle when you are unfamiliar with the proper strip mounting and overlap pattern. We frequently hear cases of strip doors taking longer than expected to hang, incorrect overlap and strip placement leading to poor functionality of the door. To help you save time and the headache of having to take down and redo your door the right way, strip door store offers fully assembled strip doors. Ordering your strip doors fully assembled ensures that your strips are mounted in the manner suggested for your specific opening size while also helping you get it up on the wall in a timely manner.

Are fully assembled strip doors hard to hang?
To make mounting and shipping your assembled strip door reasonable strip door store manufactures the strip doors in up to 5' sections intended to butt together on doors wider than 5'. This ensures the assembled strip doors are light enough to handle while also reducing shipping costs by allowing for smaller parcels to be shipped; avoiding packaging fees for overweight packages.

Assembled Strip Door with rolling hardware

Assembeld Strip Door Depicted above is mounted on rolling track hardware

Assembled Strip Doors from strip door store come ready to hang in door ways up to 20' high

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