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10' High Ribbed Strip Door
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Application: Hog Barns, Free Stall Barns, Horse Barns, Dairy Facilities, ect. 

Material: Standard Clear Ribbed PVC strip material
Strip Width: 12"
Strip Thickness: .110
Strip Overlap: 4" each strip  


Ready to be hung in jamb or on the face of wall this door works effectively to control A/C, insects, dust, and noise, while still allowing your livestock an equipment free access in and out of enclosed spaces.

Covers 10' high opening
Strips over lap each other 4" on either side   


12" wide x .110 thick Clear Ribbed PVC strip material, Pre-cut at 10' in length with mounting holes punched at 2" hole centers. 

Universal Steel Mounting Hardware, includes mounting bracket, nuts and bolts.

Application: Personnel traffic, Industrial; Heavy Industrial

For rates on custom strip doors call 1800-741-1258

Ribbed Strip Compound
Property Result ASTM
Hardness 79A D2240
Tensile Strength 2400 PSI D412
Ultimate Elongation 350% D412
Graves Tear 440 PPI D1004
100% Modulus 1400 PSI D412
Stiffness -20 45,000 PSI D1043
Brittleness Temperature (-33 F / -38 C) D746
Operating Temperature (-10 F to 150 F)
UV Resistance Yes
Spec. Gravity 1.21 D792

Table data is approximate

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