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Air Curtains and Air Doors

Air curtains, from Loading Dock Supply, are NSF certified curtain/air doors designed for interior mounting on doors up to 7’ high. The stainless steel construction plus NSF certification, make this model air curtain ideal for restaurants, drive thru windows, pharmacies, food service facilities, and any other application where a service window or opening of less than 7’ requires protection.

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Air Curtains & Air Doors
Air curtain parts


  • 1/3 horsepower motors
  • Housing grill and nozzle are 304 series stainless steel
  • Aluminum blower wheels
  • Built in high/low switch for two speed motors
  • Heavy duty directional vane
  • Voltage 120V, single phase, plug in unit
  • NSF certified up to 7’ interior mounting height
  • One-year warranty
  • Low noise level at 67 dBA 
  • Comes with automatic door switch
  • Stocked in 36", 42", 48" 60" and 72" widths

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How Air Curtains & Air Doors Work
Air Curtains commonly known as Air Doors and entry blowers create an invisible barrier of high velocity air separating conditioned air from unconditioned air, pests and pollutants. Simple to install, the air curtain mounts above the door opening via a secured bracket. Once installed air will circulate through the forward facing grill (A) and into the Blower Wheel (B) forcing the air into the air chamber behind the blower wheel (C) ejecting the air at high speed through the discharge nozzle (E).

Air curtain flow

Note: When there is an inward draft caused by an exhaust system in the building, also known as negative pressure, the performance of any air curtain will be heavily affected.

Energy Conservation
Air curtains, from Loading Dock Supply, are both efficient and effective throughout the year. In winter months the air curtain will circulate warm air from the ceiling to the ground while providing a seamless barrier blocking out the cold environment outside. While during summer months the air curtain will repel hot humid air from entering the building keeping cooler conditioned air inside. When used for energy control, the average payback is typically less than two years.

Flying Insect Control
Loading dock Supply air curtains also double as an extremely effective pest control product. The air shield it creates is nearly impenetrable for flying insects; helping facilities meet FDA or NSF requirements.

Cold Storage
For cooler doors, Loading Dock Supply Air Doors/Air Curtains offer a safe, effective and affordable solution that keeps conditioned air in place while enabling workers to pass freely between regular work areas and coolers.

Air Curtain Mounting Methods & Accessories
Loading Dock Supply Air Curtains and Air Doors can be mounted and installed for use in nearly every application. The most common method, above jamb wall mount, is simple as mounting the air curtain bracket and hanging the unit with securement screws. Ceiling mount applications are also possible with our threaded rod hanger designed for ceiling mounted air curtains.

In situations where an air curtain cannot be mounted horizontally due to lack of mounting space, air curtains can be mounted vertically to the ground with the air blowing across the opening.

Air Curtain Activation Switches
Remote Mount Motor Control Panels: To minimize field wiring, Air Curtains can be ordered with a pre-mounted control panel, located on either side of the housing, or mounted remotely. Due to space restrictions, remote-mounted control panels may be optional. Wires from each motor are run to a single junction box, eliminating the need for field motor wiring. Motor control panels substantially reduce field wiring. The control panels are recommended for all three-phase units. Fused disconnects can be included in the panel or supplied by others.

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