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Husky Bulk Strip Door Material 16-160-100
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16" wide clear strip material
.160 Gauge 
100' roll


Clear PVC Material formed in 16" width.  100' foot long roll of .160 thickness.

Heavy Duty material that can be used for doors up to 25 feet high.  .160 is ideal for crane doors, rail road doors, salt sheds and other extreme applications.  Highly wind resistant, but impractical for frequent pedestrian traffic.

Standard Compound
Physical property data for pvc strip material

 Property  Result  ASTM 
 Hardness -- 15 sec. Delay  79A  D2240
 Tensile Strength  2400 PSI  D412
 Ultimate Elongation  350%  D412
 Graves Tear  440 PPI  D1004
 100% Modulus  1400 PSI  D412
 Stiffness - 20 F  45,000 PSI  D1043
 Brittleness Temperature  -33 F / -38 C  D746
 Operating Temperature  -10 F to 150 F  
 UV Resistance  Yes  
 Spec. gravity  1.21  D792

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