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Low Temp Husky Bulk Strip Material 12-120-200
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12" wide clear Low Temp strip material
.120 Gauge 
200' roll


Clear Low Temp PVC Material formed in 12" width.  200 foot long roll of .120 thickness.

A non-toxic USDA-accepted polar material should be specified for food processors, cold storage and freezer doors.

Note: using this material at temperatures in excess of 32° will result in stretching

Polar Compound
Physical property data for pvc strip material

 Property  Result  ASTM 
 Hardness -- 10 sec. Delay  70A  D2240
 Tensile Strength  2200 PSI  D412
 Ultimate Elongation  400%  D412
 Graves Tear  200 PPI  D1004
 100% Modulus  1000 PSI  D412
 Brittleness Temperature  -67 F / -55 C  D746
 Operating Temperature  -30 F to 150 F  
 UV Resistance  No  
 Spec. gravity  1.20  D792
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