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Strip Door Store
 About Us 

The Strip Door Store was founded in 2004 by Janet Buechel.  The company mission was dedicated to industrial applications such as forklift traffic, pallet jack traffic, and general walk through barriers for reduction of sound, fumes, and temperature concerns.  The company is a division of Loading Dock Supply, LLC, but has separated its mission to focus on the energy and safety benefits that strip doors can give other small businesses in America.

Director:  Janet Buechel

Sales:  Nick Minyard, Mike Cronin, Daniel Porter

We are proud to serve some of the largest corporations in America and thank them for their support.

If you think that we might be able to help you pick the best style door for your application, just give us a call M - F (8am to 3pm)

Custom Strip Doors and Kits

Industrial Strip Doors & Bulk PVC Strip Material
Made in America!