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 Strip Door Mounting styles 

Gate Hing Hanger
Save time and space with a Gate Hinge Mount for your strip door. Ideal for use in warehouses where a strip door is not always desriable and space for storage is limited. Allows the strip door to be swung out of the opening when not required. A retractable bolt locks the hinge in place. 

Rolling hardware for strip doors allows doors to bi part or slide completely to one side

Rolling Mount Strip Door Hardware
Quickly and easily slide your door out of the way with rolling track hardware. Rolling hardware is a usefull component for docks when higher visibility is needed or when load balance is sensitive to the weight of strip material. This extension can either be split between the two sides or made to roll its full length to one side.

Frame In Mount Hardware
Frame around roll up door tracks and other obstructions with strip door stores frame in mount hardware. constructed of high quality steel I beam and support trusses this is an ideal option for any operation in need of a strip door. Available in widths up to 12'. 

In Jamb Mount Hardware

For In jamb mounted strip doors it is important to note the seal is more susceptible to pressure changes and wind than an above the jamb mount. In jamb strip door will also shorten your door the drop of the USM plus an inch or two depending on the thickness of the strips; typically 3".  

Face Of Wall Mount Hardware

The USM Hardware may be mounted both in jamb as well as above the door; however, strip doors are designed to adhere to a set of rules that ensure a proper seal is formed. For a face of wall mount strip door the best possible seal is achieved when each side of the door is overlapped by three inches, adding an overall 6" to the USM length. 

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