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​Strip overlap chart

Strip size & overlap # pins between strips Overlap
6" 2/3 overlap 1 2"
8" 1/2 overlap 2 2"
8" full overlap 0 4"
12" 2/3 overlap 2 4"
12" Full overlap 0 6"
16" 1/2 overlap 4 4"
16" 3/4 overlap 2 6"
16" full overlap 0 8"

Your loading dock supply strip door will come
custom fabricated for your opening, based on
dimensions supplied to the sales representative.

Your door has Four parts  
(1) the mounting bracket which may be mounted 
either on the face of your wall immediately above the 
opening, or in the bottom surface of the door lintel
(2) the strip retainer, which holds the strips to the 
mounting bracket (3) the hardware used to secure 
the strip mounting retainer, and (4) the strips

Measure the width of your opening
Mark the center point on the wall or lintel 
whichever is appropriate for your particular door.  

Mount the bracket(s) into position
If there is more than one bracket lay the USM
hardware out on the ground. Measure and mark
the center of the total length, then label the brackets 
“A”, ”B”, ”C” , etc. so you may reference the correct order 
When mounting. Begin by mounting the bracket 
with the center mark aligned to the center mark you 
made previously when finding the door openings center.

Hanging your strips
When you are ready to begin mounting your strips 
start at the middle below your center line with the first 
strip curving towards you, mount the next two strips on 
either side of the first strip so they curve away from you 
(note the overlap of your strip is important, please follow 
the overlap guide on page two and your quotation to 
determine what overlap you should be using). Continue 
to mount the strips in this sequence following the 
overlap your door was quoted for. 
(see below for instruction on overlap) 

If there is more than one section to your
door, the Retainer Bracket may extend
beyond the end of one section along with a
portion of the Strip as in Drawing A.   If this
is the case with your door, remove the
overhanging Retainer and butt the
Mounting Bracket against the center
section as in Drawing B.  If there is no
overhanging Retainer, merely butt the
two sections together.  In either case, lap
the Strip across the joint, maintaining
the same over-and-under pattern.   If you had
an overhanging Retainer, reinstall it,
spanning the joint.

The strips may be longer than your opening
is high.
 When installed the Strips should clear
the floor by about 1/4".  Mark the proper
length on the Strip with a felt marker, or
other instrument.  Using a piece of wood, such
as a 2 x 4, as a cutting surface, trim the Strip
with a utility knife.  In cold weather, the Strips
can be quite tough, so you may need to make
two or three slices with the knife.

NOTE: the strips may be so concave that they
do not overlap properly when you first install
the door.  This is especially true in cold
weather.  However, this concaveness will
flatten out, and the Strips will provide a
good, over-lapping closure in a short time after
your door is hung.

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